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Travel Loaner Program

Extra support wherever life takes you.

Medtronic is pleased to provide a complimentary Travel Loaner Program to all existing customers*. This program allows you to borrow a Medtronic insulin pump while you're traveling outside of Canada so that you have an additional, reliable back-up pump - just in case.

To participate in this program please provide us with as much notice as possible to avoid a processing fee (2 weeks or more).

Please contact our Consumer Care at 1-800-284-4416 or send us an email.

Please complete the Travel Loaner form (and payment, if applicable) and fax it to Medtronic of Canada for processing. 


  • * $50 processing fee for less than 5 days notice;
    Valid for up to 90 days of travel, and must be returned within 5 business days of return to Canada;
    Loaner pumps are subject to availability;
    Account must be in good standing order;


Automated Supply Agreement


Receive significant savings on your Medtronic supplies including Paradigm® infusion sets, reservoirs and Enlite™ glucose sensors


The supplies you need, when you need them. Supplies are shipped monthly, bimonthly or quarterly. It's your choice.  

Peace of Mind

Ensure that you are changing your infusion sets and reservoirs every 2 - 3 days to help optimize the effectiveness and safety of your insulin delivery.1

Get Started by emailing us at for more information.


  • 1 Thethi TK, Outland J, Kawji H, et al. Loss of glycemic control over time after infusion line change in patients with type 1 diabetes treated with continuous subcutaneous insulin infusions, Paper presented at: 89th Annual Meeting of the Endocrine Society; June 2-5, 2007; Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Abstract OR56-1.


Pathway Trade-In Program

If at any time during your four year warranty period a new technology becomes available for sale in Canada, our Pathway Trade-In Program provides you with an opportunity to order at a special pathway price of $1200**.

  • Should you choose to pathway to the newest available technology, the time remaining on your current warranty will be transferred to your new pump;
  • You will be eligible to pathway to newly available technology for up to six months from availability of that new technology;
  • You are eligible to take advantage of our pathway program one time during your warranty period;
  • If you choose to take advantage of our pathway program you will be required to return your current device after receiving and being trained on your new device.